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Gastronomy in Costa Rica | The Secret of Our Kitchen.

Gastronomy Costa Rica meets customs and culinary uses of the inhabitants of Costa Rica . It is the product of miscegenation that never ends , heritage of our indigenous ancestors, Spanish and African . Then operated by European and Asian elements .


Costa Rica 's cuisine is generally quite healthy and balanced , with meat and fresh vegetables , herbs and spices. Rice and beans are the basic ingredients in most of the Costa Rican cuisine . A typical meal is married, whose name refers to the eternal "marriage" of its ingredients. It consists of rice and beans , meat or fish, fried plantains and cabbage salad and tomato.


For breakfast , it is common to serve a hearty dish of rice and black beans (called gallo pinto) seasoned with onions and sweet peppers, accompanied by fried eggs , sour cream and corn tortillas .

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  • 29 octubre 2013

    Nada mas que pedir.

    Comida típica, deliciosa, cumple con todo lo que se busca y mas... en la relación, precio, cantidad y calidad, solo puedo decir Excelente.

    KFETERA | Costa Rica

  • 30 diciembre 2014

    Muy bueno y barato.

    Fuimos a comer un poco tarde pero nos atendieron estupendamente, muy bien de precio y la comida muy rica. Muy Tico!

    KatyGarciaCosta | España

Important part of experiencing new cultures is to test your own culinary art. When visiting Costa Rica , visit Tico Sabor , where you can sample authentic Costa Rican food.

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